I was a reluctant TNT user.

I was a technology “early adopter”. I was managing my support activities on my mobile device… in the 1990’s! (Surprise, the iPhone was NOT the first mobile device.) I had all of my contacts in my Palm Pilot, and was tracking their giving activity in a very robust Excel file; I even had a mini-Excel on my Palm Pilot. I was happy as a lark.

Then in 2002, two co-workers on my team, Jennifer and Julia, began telling me about a “new” support development software called “TntMPD”. For months they tried to get me to try it, saying “Bob, you’ll love TntMPD! It’s got your name written all over it!”

I steadfastly resisted… because my method was exceptionally efficient and effective. Besides, I had heard about other “support raising software” and very few good reports about them.

At their insistence, in June 2002 I downloaded TntMPD. I was absolutely stunned. I simply could not believe how helpful it was! As I have said since, “I was reluctant to try TntMPD. Then I downloaded it, and the next day I never looked back.”

I had to learn it by trial and error—because there was no documentation on it back then. One day that Fall I happened to see my friend David N. do something pretty slick—and I had to ask him how he did it. Frustrated by the lack of documentation (developers write software, not documentation, after all!), I pressed every button and clicked every click in TNT until I knew it backwards and forwards. I enlisted several friends who used it before me and put together the first user guide, “Exploding TntMPD”.

Since that time, this printed manual morphed into the encyclopedic online help tool now available just by clicking F1 in TntConnect. I have traveled to dozens of countries and trained thousands of staff members in using TntMPD, now TntConnect. And I’m just a volunteer in the broader TNT community, joined by other volunteers from some of the 500 ministries whose staff use TntConnect.

I recognize that TntConnect isn’t the right tool for everyone. But I also recognize that there are many people today who were like me that first Fall: Wanting to know more but having no one to show them how. I hope this blog can give you some good and helpful tips.

And if you want to learn a lot more about using TntConnect, then I encourage you to check out our SmartPath™, where there are more than 50 videos, every one of them under 3 minutes. The SmartPath app is free on iPhone or Android and you can even subscribe to have a video delivered to you weekly or even daily. Or you can view our SmartPath on smartpath.smartstory.com. In both cases, enter our SmartCode™: GoTntTips.




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