TntConnect: Not just for support raising

Quick question: Did you know that TntConnect can be used for more than support raising?

My main ministry calling is helping missionaries and ministries use God’s money wisely. Typically, this means helping them with assorted financial management tools (such as TntConnect). But it also means helping them with software like Microsoft Office products and other accounting and finance software. I also do a lot of coaching both for support raising and personal financial stewardship.

Because I have met with over 1,000 people in these activities over the past 12 years, I have found that keeping a separate TntConnect database just for this purpose is very helpful. Especially when I am serving as a support raising coach and meet with someone every week, it is so helpful to use TntConnect’s powerful history engine to track our appointments, and their commitments for the week. I have used it to track classes I have taught all over the world, and even tech support work I have done–sometimes years later–with people who attended those classes.

TntConnect could be very useful for anyone who is involved in a regular coaching or discipleship context. It could also be useful for tracking attendance at events of various kinds.

And, from a non-ministry perspective, TntConnect would be useful for anyone who wants a powerful tracking tool for tracking their work in a non-profit, in a community setting, or even as a sales/customer relationship tool.

Of course TntConnect is designed primarily¬†for support raising, and its gift-management features are what make it unique. And there are many tools out there, especially online, that are designed for managing tasks and relationships. But the History engine in TntConnect is so powerful and fast that it really sets TntConnect apart from any other software in the world (in my opinion). Plus, I like using the same software for both ministry and non-ministry… then I am only managing one tool.

Food for thought.


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