Welcome to www.TNT.tips!

Welcome to 50 new subscribers who have joined the new http://www.TNT.tips blog this week (the first “official” week)!

My name is Bob Mac Leod and I serve with Campus Crusade for Christ’s international ministry. (Campus Crusade’s U.S. ministry is now known as Cru, but I work with the international side. This blog is not associated with Cru, but is my personal effort to help other missionaries.)

I really dragged my feet when it came to using TNT. I had a very good—even “mobile” solution—back in 2002. I kept all of my support contacts on my Palm Pilot, and I tracked all of their giving and my activity in Excel. I was perfectly happy! Then my team-mates Jennifer and Julia pestered me for six months to download this great new software. Reluctantly, I finally did… and the next day I never looked back.

Since then, it has been my hobby and joy to help people use TNT more effectively. Because I love to learn software and help others, I originally wrote all of the online documentation for TNT (secretly: just to help me master the software!). In hopes of writing a blog someday I actually wrote a “tip of the week” series that I later included in the help manual. (That is the source of many of my blog entries.) Since that time God has given me the privilege of teaching TNT to missionaries in more than 25 countries while travelling for my regular ministry work.

Many of my blog entries come from something I am doing in TntConnect right now, and it occurs to me it may be helpful to others.

But a major reason I wanted to write this blog is because I know that many people pick up new software skills unexpectedly.

Quick story: While I was teaching a personal financial stewardship seminar at a support raising conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, one of the conference planners had a TNT talk scheduled later in the day. Since I was there, he asked me if I wanted to deliver his talk. The notes were already printed in the notebook, so I used his notes to deliver his talk. Afterwards, he said he learned two new things! This was just because I sprinkled in helpful tips as I gave the talk.

Beautiful business woman with idea light bulb above hand isolate
“I didn’t know TntConnect could do that!”

What I have learned is that sometimes the most helpful little tips make the biggest difference, especially when using a software we really enjoy and use often. You may see 20 tips and find them helpful, then one tip will be ‘the most helpful thing you learned this year’.

It is my hope that this little blog will make a big ‘little’ difference in your enjoyment and use of TntConnect… but more importantly, in your support raising efforts.

Thanks for coming, and I welcome your feedback at http://www.TNT.tips@gmail.com.

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