Organization Gift Details

About 70% of TntConnect users are able to download gifts directly from their organization’s web site, and this post is for you.

One of the hallmarks of TntConnect is being to completely trust the donation data—you need to be confident that what you see in TntConnect matches your organization’s donation data. (If you never quite trust TntConnect, you’ll always be asking, “Is this right? How can I be sure?”)

By double-clicking on any gift on the TNT tab, you can see the details for that gift—both the details you can edit and the ones that are downloaded with the gift.


Gift Details for a single gift in TntConnect. Displays the unique information from the ministry’s donation system.

The most important piece of gift information is the “Donation ID”, which is the unique gift number for that specific gift. Every time you download gifts, TntConnect matches each gift’s ID with every other Gift ID in your database; if there’s a match, it then checks to see if all of the details are the same. (Secret: This is how you can download the same gifts every day and not end up with duplicates!)

While you can edit the Appeal associated with the gift or write your own memo/note about it, there are several things the system sends that are “hard coded” with each gift:

  • Designation (your account number); if you are using TntConnect for fund-development (that is, managing multiple designations in one database), that Designation # is key.
  • Motivation Code. Most ministries do not use this code, but some larger ones do as it can identify what donor representative, event, or direct mail piece prompted the donor to respond.
  • Donor ID, which is how TntConnect knew to connect this gift with the selected contact.
  • Account Name. How this donor’s name appears in your ministry’s system (and which may vary from how you have it in TntConnect)
  • Gift Memo. Any note that your ministry received from the donor and wanted to pass on to you.
  • Payment Method. What method the donor used for this specific gift (such as cash, credit card, EFT or bank transfer, etc.).

The most recent gift information (date, amount, and payment method) is also stored on the contact’s View Details (click the little drop-down arrow next to the Individual button on the TNT tab):


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