Google Maps & TntConnect. Wow.

Cannot help but love the integration between TntConnect & Google Maps! So much so, in fact, that for two years I used the Google Maps view as the background for a TNT page I was managing:


Map View button

The Map View displays an integrated Google Chrome browser (which works even if you do not use Chrome on your system). This flexible feature allows you to change display to show five different views, based on the contacts you currently have up in the Contacts View.

Most of these are based on the Current Group of selected contacts. But not all contacts will appear in each option as the display is based on if they fit the display criteria (for example, whether they get your newsletter or not).

  • The currently selected Individual


  • All contacts in the Current Group


  • The Status Dot of all the Current Group


  • The Newsletter preference (if they have one)


  • Any Pictures in the Current Group


In addition to the Map View, TntConnect also has the original Google Maps Button on the Contact View that will locate the selected contact in Google Maps in your internet browser. This can be helpful if you want to map directions to the partner’s house:


The first time you view contacts in the Map View, it will take some time as the map attempts to locate the addresses. Once it finds them, TNT actually stores the GPS coordinates in that contact’s hidden info area, so the next time you look up the map it will be instantaneous. As always, some addresses cannot be found (e.g., P.O. boxes or an otherwise unmappable address), so TNT will simply label them in the map as “Approximate” based on information it can find (such as a city or postal code but not the exact address).

F1 Help on the Map View and Google Maps features.


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