Quick link to Staff Portal

About 60% of TntConnect users are able to download gifts from the web using the Gift Input button. Most of those organizations have some kind of web site that their staff can use to view either donation information and/or staff account Income & Expense reports.

For many ministries, this web host is called the “Staff Portal” because the software they use calls it that. Other ministries call it their “Staff Web”, and still others have their own custom name.

What many users do not know, however, is that they do not need to rely on their browser and bookmarks to get to that Staff Portal.

When you click the Gift Input button, TntConnect quickly links to your ministry to open the channel to download gifts, as well as display your ministry account balance (if applicable).

The big ministry logo at the top of the Gift Input screen is actually a big hyperlink to the Staff Portal:


Now, about your organization’s ability to send gifts to missionaries:

Any ministry that wants to send gifts to their staff online must have a web-based host to do that. A few very large ministries have their own tech teams to host those servers, but many other ministries (from tiny to quite big) use a web hosting tool provided by TntWare, the same ministry that makes TntConnect available for free.

This web-hosting service is called DonorHub. DonorHub connects to the ministry’s donation software and hosts that data on the web. The missionaries can then view it online using DonorHub’s “Staff Portal”. Or the missionaries can also download the gifts into TntConnect or any other support raising software. (In other words, because DonorHub offers an online web screen for the donation information it sends to TNT, that means it can be used by ANY missionary in the ministry, no matter what computer, tablet, or other device they are using!

DonorHub frees the mission organization from the burden of delivering any donation or account expense information to their staff.

(Note: DonorHub is a web-based tool for the organization’s home office, and does have a small cost for those ministries that use it, to cover the costs of the service itself. But the value it returns is significant.)


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