Lookup Recent Givers

Today’s question: “I’m working on sending an end of year ask. I’d like to filter for a list of ‘Everyone who gave a gift in the last 12 months’. How do I do this?”

This is a great idea and it is super-easy. In fact, in TntConnect there are multiple ways to get this same information. For one thing, TntConnect stores (in the Contact Table) a number of gift “details” for every contact. That is, these fields are stored in the same table as the names, addresses, emails, church names, etc., which means they are exportable. The list of exportable fields is at the bottom of this post.

Do a Lookup | By Field | Twelve Month Total / is greater than / 0.

Or, another way is to use the Gift Table, using a Lookup by Giving.

Lookup | By Giving | [date range].

Doing lookups by giving offers so much flexibility. My wife and I, for example, send cookies to any partner who gives $50/month (that is, $600 / year). Now some partners may have missed a month, so their “average” is under $50, but their pledge is $50. Or their pledge may be $25, but they gave a $300 extra gift last summer, pushing their total giving over $600 for the year. So I’ll do a series of lookups to capture any contact who meets any of these four criteria:

  • Twelve Month Total / is at least / 600
  • Monthly Pledge / is at least / 50
  • Average Monthly Gift / is at least / 50
  • By Group / ‘Always gets cookies’ [e.g., includes relatives who do not give at all, a few neighbors and co-workers, as well as some long-term partners whose giving has dropped below the automatic $600 cookie threshold]

Helpful “Giving Details” fields that TntConnect stores for every contact in your database:

  • Pledge Amount
  • Pledge Frequency
  • Pledge Received
  • Monthly Pledge
  • Pledge Start Date
  • First Gift Date


Most recent gift fields:

  • Last Gift Date
  • Last Gift Amount
  • Last Gift Organization
  • Last Gift Donor ID
  • Last Gift Payment Method
  • Good Until (or ‘Current Until’… when their next expected gift is)

Giving Summaries

  • Prev Year Total
  • Year Total
  • Twelve Month Total
  • Lifetime Total
  • Lifetime Number of Gifts
  • Largest Gift
  • Average Monthly Gift

You can view these gift details right on the TNT Tab by clicking on the little drop-down arrow next to the “Individual” button:


Lookup using the Contribution Report

Another way to lookup donors by time frame is by using a brand new feature in TntConnect 3.1: The “Lookup” button on the Contribution Report.


More about Lookups from the F1/Online help


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