View History for Selected Contacts Only

One of the reasons I love TNT is how powerful the History is. I’ve used Outlook and Google for years—but “completing” a task does nothing. In fact, in Outlook, the completed tasks stayed in the task list with a line through them. Useless. The only option was to delete the completed item… but then the fact that I actually did complete it was lost. Rats!

Then I started using TNT and I found myself asking, “Why doesn’t every task management software work like this?!”

In my own database, I have 10,350 unique history entries, and when those are split out among combined items (e.g., 1 newsletter history entry = 168 grouped items), that number jumps to well over 42,000 rows. In TNT I can select the “All” time filter and display the 10,000 unique items in under ten seconds, or all 42,000 in less than a minute.

Then I can use the six powerful filter tools (date/type/text in the history description or note) to narrow it down.

One handy way to filter—one I use frequently—is to “Filter by Current Group”. This can be handy when you know the group of contacts you want to view history for, and only want to filter that group based on the other criteria such as date range, task type, or description text. In fact, I can search the history of any individual contact in my database by making that contact the only one in the Current Group (Lookup | This Contact), and then filtering the History by that Current Group.



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One thought on “View History for Selected Contacts Only

  1. Hi Bob, Great article. If I could add one thing, I’d like to mention a shortcut I like to take. From the Contacts view, under the History tab, you can double-click on the “Current Group” button to do the same thing. (This also works for tasks.)


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