Organization Contact Person field

In our information world, we always have a tension between wanting maximum flexibility and wanting simplicity. Software that is too simple is not flexible enough for the variety of desired users. Software that is too complex overwhelms users with options.

When it comes to using TntConnect, I try to “think like a user”. Sounds strange, of course, because I am one; so you would think this would come naturally to me. But I am also a “power user”, so sometimes I have to stop and ask, “This is how *I* would do this, but how would the *average user* or *new user* do it?”

For that reason, when I teach classes on TntConnect (which I don’t do much of anymore), I only teach what would commonly be done, not the clever workarounds I personally might use.

Managing the “business info” for a contact is an example of this. Until TntConnect 3.0 (summer 2013), TntConnect did not offer a “contact person” for an organization contact. The only option for an organization was to put the contact person as a “c/o” in the Address box. But then that made export addresses awkward.

Now in TntConnect, when the contact is an “Organization”, a box appears under the Organization Name: “Organization Contact Person”. This may be a pastor, a business owner, or even a ‘non-person’ such as “Missions Committee” or Sunday School class.


Note that TNT does not match this person with an individual. So if the pastor is also a partner of mine, TNT will not know or match this church and the pastor with the separate pastor contact. But that is a really small thing. In fact… I do not have any contacts in my database who that would apply to anyway.


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