A GREAT database management system


In a recent MPD Connections to Cru staff, the writer focused on the having the right tools for the job, and he started with a story about pressure washing his deck. Using a high-powered pressure washer is not only quite satisfying—seeing the grime just wash away—but it is also extremely productive: Scrubbing a deck or driveway with a brush would take forever. (The picture above is from when I pressure washed my driveway at Christmas 2014—pressure washing CAN be fun!)

He also highlighted the importance of having a good software for managing our support raising efforts. I concur with this sentiment! To me, TntConnect is like a pressure washer for our support: It is a power tool that is so helpful, it couldn’t possibly be replaced by any other method. It is a great database management system.

Recently I was in Utah and Idaho on a focused time of support raising. I was so thankful for a tool that works with such power and speed as TntConnect. I was doing some analysis, too, and there is no other support raising tool that does what TNT does automatically. For example, the Gift & History Details are something I use regularly when interacting with my partners, because it gives me a snapshot of their current—and lifetime—history with me. And all 26 of these detail fields are exportable for any or all contacts!



Finally, the partners I was staying with in Idaho had no internet access at their house. They are “snowbirds” who winter in Arizona; so they just use their phones for Internet access. I was there for three days and I was so grateful that I had a tool that works whether I have internet access or not.

TNT is lightning fast, and the history tools are like a jet engine for support raising.


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