How can TNT help me on a support blitz?

I recently read an encouraging note from our support raising team about ideas to make the most of a short (1-2 week) support blitz. Many missionaries who serve in campus ministries have a lull between the end of the school year and summer assignments, and try to use some of that time for focused partnership development.

A lot of this effort is independent of software—things like praying and printing/gathering materials. But a lot of it is improved by using support raising software like TntConnect. Here are a few ideas for how to use TntConnect to prepare for a blitz trip.

The key with a blitz trip is to make the most of the time. If you are only at a remote location for 1-2 weeks, you cannot spend time during those weeks deciding what to do. You want to arrive on the ground ready to go.

  • Identify who to meet with. Do Lookups on the mailing state or mailing city or Region–or however you identify the potential visits in the geographic area you will be visiting.
  • Save that list using a Favorite Lookup or a Saved Group so you can quickly produce the list any time you need it.
  • Decide who to challenge, and for how much. By using the Group Actions | Export Current Group feature you can export the names and other fields such as Monthly Pledge, Last Challenge [date], Last Visit, etc. Some people would even put those challenge amounts in a “task” in advance, such as “To Do: Challenge to increase $25/monthly”.
  • Record every phone call or email. A short blitz like this usually means a lot of dials. I record every call attempt, and logging these calls or emails helps me make sure I make an attempt every day.

Whenever I challenge a person (either a potential new partner or an existing partner), I always use a consistent description: “CHALLENGE: Asked to increase by $25/month”. Then when they make a decision, I record that call or email with a similar description: “DECISION: Yes! Will increase with next month’s gift.”

By recording this history consistently, I can easily use TntConnect’s powerful jet engine for history to help me know each partners challenges and decisions over time, or for a short blitz like this, I can instantly know how many challenges and/or decisions I had.

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