Filter all history by Text

TntConnect’s “History View” is the most powerful history manager of any software I have ever used. I have more than 42,000 items in my history, and I can filter them, instantly, in 6 different ways.

The most flexible of these ways, though, is the “find text” filter. The empty search box at the top of the History View is actually a filter. When I type any text in there, TNT will automatically begin to filter all of the displayed history based on that text, whether the text is in the description or in the notes.


The text filter works in conjunction with the other five filters (date range, task type, current group or not, hide mass mailings, or combine group history). If I am searching within a known group of partners (for example, just financial partners), I might lookup that group first, then Filter by Current Group. But more often than not, I just click the “All” date range and type the text filter.

The text filter is an exact filter–it will filter just as I type it. So “party” will find dessert party but typing “party dessert” will not.

From the online/F1 help: Learn more about TNT’s powerful history engine. (Scroll down to the heading, “Powerful history tools are at your fingertips with the History filters”)

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