If only my water softener “filtered” like this!

One of my favourite features in TntConnect is the amazingly powerful contact filter. These are called “Lookups” in TNT, but I use the term “filter” because that is the word used on web pages and web software (like Staples.com, Amazon, etc.).

As you shop on most ecommerce sites, a variety of product-specific filters appear. So if I am shopping for new skis, for example, the filters that appear may be for brand name, size or length, type (cross-country, downhill, water, etc.), cost range, colour, etc.

The problem with those web filters, I have found, is that sometimes the filter I want does not appear (the space is limited, after all!). Or, worse, sometimes I want to reverse filter, meaning I want to take away and/or add a separate filter. Web filters, by design, only do successive filtering, meaning you can only continually narrow the list until no items appear.

In this image from REI, I’m looking for “skis”, and I have a limited number of filters (17), and within those filters only the options REI chose for me. Some are useless… only 1 option displayed. And I have to scroll down to see all of them. Once I select a filter, I can only continue to narrow down. I cannot exclude or add to that filter.


TntConnect’s filters are not only universal—meaning I can filter contacts on ALL 182 fields for each contact—but they are also flexible. I can narrow (lookup with the current group), expand (add to the current group), reverse (keep the current group, but take away this one item), or just start over (replace the current group).


I have never used any software that filters data as fluidly and efficiently as TntConnect does. Now if only I could get our well water’s filters to work this, um, well.

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