Who are my top donors?

TntConnect offers a number of different ways to answer this question, so today’s tip offers an answer to a more specific question: “Who are my top donors over the past 12 months?” I chose “12 months” over “this year”, because it is still early in the year, and some of your most generous partners may have given in December.

This involves just one lookup, with a sort option. Picture first, then steps…


  1. Do a Lookup | By Field.
  2. Choose Twelve Month Total is not0” [zero].
  • To have the list sorted lowest giver at the top to highest giver at the bottom, just check the box “Sort by this field” and press OK.
  • Or, if you want the highest giver at the top (as I expect most people would), then do this before pressing OK:
  1. Still select the Lookup | By Field as above, but
  2. Do NOT check the “Sort by this field” box
  3. Instead, select the Sort tab
  4. Check the box “Custom Sort
  5. Again select “Twelve Month Total
  6. Select “Descending

Then press OK.


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