Search for specific text in one contact’s history

This tip got me a free lunch.

While assisting a staff member at Cru with a Dropbox issue, he said, “You know, I wish there was one thing TntConnect would do that I have been asking about for years … I wish I could do a search through the history log of a contact so I could find a specific text.”

He showed me his long list of history items, and he wanted to find the ones with the word “breakfast”. He was searching for a specific appointment but did not want to scroll through the entire history log, painstakingly searching each appointment to find the correct one. That is, he remembered the person and the appointment, but could not remember when it occurred.

I chuckled as I told him that the feature he was looking for already exists! And 5 seconds later, his question was answered.

I believe TntConnect’s History View is the “jet engine” that propels TntConnect. I am amazed by what you can do. So much so that I wrote an entire series of help and videos called “Track Anything with Log History”.

Here’s how to find that elusive breakfast appointment (Tip: It is NOT done on the contact’s “History Tab”, but on the “History View”.)


  1. In the Contact View, select Lookup | This Contact so that only the selected contact is in displayed Current Group.
  2. Go to the History View
  3. Go to the bottom of the screen and check the box “Filter by Current Group
  4. Then press the date range of “All” to display all of the history for just that contact (the same list as was shown on the History Tab in the Contact View)
  5. In the search filter, type the desired text, “breakfast”


Bingo! TntConnect will display any item that contains the word “breakfast” either in the description itself or in the notes of the event.



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