Click to Call (or…) Speed dialing

How to log a lot of phone calls quickly.

Bob axiom: Logging a phone call should not take longer than attempting a phone call!”

Sometimes, when I am working on a calling campaign, I dial the phone many times. I have about 30 people I am trying to reach to connect with, and hopefully see a decision.

On a normal night I may dial the phone 10-20-30 times, but only talk to 2-3 people. So I dial a lot. It has always been my practice to log every time I dial the phone. I am a data nut, and this helps me know historically how many times I have dialed the phone during a season of full-time support development. (And, I must confess, see those seasons when I am NOT picking up the phone to call my partners!)

I know that many people do not log every dial, and many do not log phone calls at all, so I am not suggesting everyone should do it my way! TNT is so flexible in that it works for people regardless of how little or much they like to record their activities.

Because I log every dial, the main issue is SPEED.

TNT makes it so easy for me to log phone calls. With just one click and one letter on the keyboard, I am 50% done with the work. Here’s how:

  1. I click the number I am going to call
  2. I type the letter “c” in the description box.
  3. I write the results or action (e.g., results of the call, left a message, my next action, etc.)

Some more details:

Clicking the phone number automatically pops up a Log History, and it posts the phone number in the note. (Really helpful because many of my partners have 3-4-5 phone numbers, not all of them valid. So this helps me know which one has worked.)


Once in the log history, in the Description box I type the letter “c” and the saved description “Call for Decision” pops up. I saved it with a colon and a space, so I am ready to go with my results. (I record what happened with the call, wrong numbers, left message, call back tomorrow, etc. If I do not reach the person, I change the Result to “Attempted”.)


More details on logging phone calls (scroll down in that topic to read about Saved Descriptions)

And now, I have put off dialing the phone long enough…

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