New Year’s Resolutions, Part I

Every year after Christmas we start hearing about “New Year’s Resolutions”. And then, of course, anyone who hears about it mentions how those are often broken within days, if not hours. How come we cannot try to do good things without everyone telling us why we will fail? Hmmm.

While regular New Year’s Resolutions are typically focused on either better eating or exercise, with support raising we can also do similar New Year’s Resolutions:

  • “This year I am going to write thank yous sooner.”
  • “I’m going to call all of my partners personally, just by calling 2 every week.” etc. etc.

Like my other resolutions, grand (and vague) wishes like that usually last a few hours. But one thing we can do that is potentially more practical (and achievable) is come up with an Annual Plan that guides our support raising efforts throughout the year. The best way [my opinion] to do this is to coe up with a written plan with real activities and real deadlines.

For example, instead of the “write 2 thank yous per week” resolution, what if you actually printed a check list with each partner’s name and a date to send the thank you? Then you can get the satisfaction of checking off the list.

There are dozens of things you could do to start off your next year well from an MPD perspective. But as you consider this, let me give one piece of advice: People first. Your partners are what keep you in the mission field. So choose activities that will tangibly connect you with your partners.

In the upcoming New Year’s Resolutions entries, I’ll give a few simple and practical tips for starting off the new year.

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