Reverse or “Negative” Lookups (a.k.a. Filters)

Many web tools (such as shopping sites) use the word “filter” to narrow down the displayed list of items. In TntConnect, filters are called “Lookups”, because it is doing more than just filtering down a list to a smaller number. You are “looking up” contacts based on a virtually unlimited number of criteria.


Question of the Day: “How do I do a negative lookup? That is, I have a list of contacts, but I don’t want to filter the list by a certain criteria. Instead, I want to ‘take away from the list’ anyone who meets that criteria, leaving everyone else.”

The quick answer is a simple one:

  1. Select Lookup | By Field,
  2. Select “Take away from the current group”.
  3. Enter your criteria (whichever field and value you wanted to remove from the current group)
  4. Press OK.


The details:

You can lookup contacts based on more than 180 Contact fields, as well as by giving activity, history activity, membership in saved groups, or even filter based on the results of a saved etc. But TntConnect’s filters don’t just narrow down your contact list. You can also lookup within a lookup, take away from that lookup or add to it.

Lookups cannot harm your database at all, so the best way to learn them is by simple trial and error.

Here’s the TntConnect help topic that explains “successive” lookups.



2 thoughts on “Reverse or “Negative” Lookups (a.k.a. Filters)

  1. Bob, THANKS for all these great tips and more. I have always had problems with successive “negative” searches and now I understand why. If I click on the menu|Lookup|by field then everything works. I learned to open this area by double clicking on the CURRENT LOOKUP box. When you do it that way, the option to do successive lookups is disabled.

    Is this a designed feature or maybe a small oversight?


  2. You’re welcome. 🙂

    You ask: “Is this a designed feature or maybe a small oversight?”

    Answer: It is neither. But you think so because TNT is not working as you expect to.

    When you double-click on the CURRENT LOOKUP (the box at the top of the Current Group, for anyone else reading this), what you are doing is EDITING the Current Lookup. For example, you looked up Atlanta and you want the same lookup in every way, but Charlotte instead. So changing the lookup filter (add to / take away / lookup within) is grayed out because *you already did that* when you ran the lookup the first time.


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