Export Giving Details

In my previous post, I introduced the flexible Lookup By Giving which helped find a donor who had given a specific gift—I knew the amount and month, but not the person. The Lookup By Giving showed me all donors who gave during a certain time frame and/or gifts of a certain amount.

The Lookups in TntConnect are just “filters” that narrow down my list of contacts based on any of hundreds of criteria. But Lookups do not return “amounts”… only “names”—the contacts who meet the filter criteria.

For support raising, it can be very helpful to know the amounts that people give. This helps me answer questions like this:

  • Who are my Top 10 partners?
  • What is the total given to my personal ministry this year/last year/last 12 months/lifetime?
  • What is the largest gift each partner has given? (Helps me know what amount to challenge in the future.)
  • When was the first gift each partner gave?
  • How many gifts has each partner given?

TntConnect stores contact information in a place called the “Contact Table”, which is where all of the name and address and email and 150+ other fields are stored. These fields I can export to a spreadsheet for making mailing labels and/or doing analysis.

TNT also stores more than 25 “partner-specific” calculated fields based on their giving as well as my activity with them (last call, last thank, last appointment, etc.). I will often export these fields to give me a snapshot of my support team.

Give this a try—lookup all of your financial partners, then export their giving snapshot:

  1. Lookup | TNT Phase | is PARTNER-Financial
  2. Select Group Actions | Export Current Group
  3. Press the “Uncheck All” button to clear out any saved export fields
  4. Select just “File As” from the top of the list (to get their name)
  5. Then scroll down and select some or all of the Giving Details fields (in the red frame, see picture below). These include several fields related to their most recent gift, as well as a snapshot of their overall giving to your work.
  6. Click OK, then export the list to Excel. You can then sort it by any of the fields you chose.


It is this sort of “power analytics” that really sets TntConnect apart and makes it so useful for support raising.

Read More: Giving Details

Note: If your ministry does not link directly to TntConnect, you can quickly and easily enter gifts every week or month. Learn more here.

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