Getting to Know You

Fact: Your partners are an incredible source of fascinating information.

Fact: TntConnect stores lots of information about your partners.

Problem: You don’t have that information to put into TntConnect.

Solution: The “Getting to Know You” sheet.

Although this is “old school”, simply bringing this sheet on a support appointment and actually asking—yes, using real words—can help you get to know your partners better.

Here are two versions you can download:

Blank “Getting to Know You” sheet

Mail-merge “Getting to Know You” sheet. This version you can use with a Mail Merge, and TntConnect will fill out any information you already have on the selected partners.

  • You can bring that with you and just fill out the missing information.
  • You can save it as a Mail Merge Favorite for ongoing use.
  • Use this anytime as a great way to refresh your memory on the way to an appointment (to remind you of their names, children, hobbies, interests, prayer requests, etc.), even if you do not use it during the appointment.

View the short video on Mail Merge.

View the short video on Mail Merge Favorites.

Note: If your ministry does not link directly to TntConnect, you can quickly and easily enter gifts every week or month. Learn more here.


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