New Fields in TNT 3.2

Over the next several weeks I will be introducing to you all of the 24 staggering new features of TntConnect 3.2.

I say staggering, and I really mean it. (My wife accuses me of exaggeration and hyperbole, but I have repeatedly assured her that I never exaggerate. I always tell the exact truth… as I see it.)

Some of the features are simple and subtle, like this one I am starting with.

Introducing: 7 new fields:

  • 4 additional “User” fields
  • 2 fund development fields
  • 1 “Next Ask Amount” field

User Tab in TntConnect 3.1:


Same User Tab, with field names/tab name changed (tip: double-click on the “User 1” to change the name, or go to Tools | Options | User Tab)

New in 3.2 (four additional fields–for whatever you want):


And on the TNT Tab, three new fields:

Next Ask Amount. This is a free-form field, not used in any analytics, but just a place for you to use as needed.


Fund Rep (or, Fund Representative), and Estimated Capacity. These fund-development fields are only visible when TntConnect Pro is turned on, and is a part of the many new local fund development features I’ll be highlighting in upcoming days.


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