New Pledge Change log

New: TntConnect 3.2 makes a Data Change note every time you make a change to a partner’s pledge:


The icon indicates whether the change was up (+) or down (-). I always used to do this manually, and even explained how and why in the “Tracking Pledge Changes Using Log History” video.

Having pledge changes logged in history is super-helpful, especially because in the History View you can view all of the pledge changes for all contacts, or even for a selected contact.

This is particularly helpful in a multi-user environment (such as a local team) where several people are interacting with the database. Without this feature, there is no way to know when a commitment was changed, or who did it.

Bonus: If you made this change by mistake, you can simply “Undo” (or, technically, “Revert”) this change by right-clicking on it in the History log.


This is just one of the many new data change features in TntConnect 3.2.


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