When did YOU get here?

It’s official! TntConnect 3.2 is now available for download. Whether you have already downloaded the Beta version or not, go to the Downloads page and download the most current release. Over the coming days I will be sharing about lots of new features.

And now, to whet your appetite, today’s blog post:

Another of the new data changes that TntConnect 3.2 logs is when a contact was added to your database.


TNT has always stored the “Created Date” for a partner, as found on the History Details on the History tab.

For the above new contact:


For a previous contact in my database, with other history details:


This new automatic entry in the History log is a nice addition, even if it is only for my own curiosity. But again, thinking bigger picture, if I loaded an entire set of new contacts, either from a single referrer or perhaps an event of some kind, it could be nice to see that when reviewing the History for a lot of contacts.


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