New Data Change Log

It’s official! TntConnect 3.2 is now available for download. Whether you have already downloaded the Beta version or not, go to the Downloads page and download the most current release. Over the coming days I will be sharing about lots of new features.

TntConnect 3.2 now makes a History log entry every time any change is made to any contact field.

For example, one of my partners just moved to a new home down the same street:

First, the automatic entry.


I can hover over the little notepad to see the change.


… or double-click on the line to open it.


Note that the log does not display the entire address that was changed. This move was in the same city, so only the street address and postal code were changed. The TNT data change log only displays the exact fields that changed.

Just like all of the data changes in TntConnect 3.2, this one can be undone by right-clicking on the entry and selecting Revert Data Changes (shown in above image).

You can also Hide the data changes in your history log:



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