Make Note of this

It’s official! TntConnect 3.2 is now available for download. Whether you have already downloaded the Beta version or not, go to the Downloads page and download the most current release. Over the coming days I will be sharing about lots of new features.

In the ongoing series of “data change logs” in TntConnect 3.2, this one is a little unique compared to the others. The other data changes I have highlighted reflect the change of a field value from one to another (e.g., an address changes from old to new, a pledge changes from old to new). But with the Notes tab / Notes field (same thing), users typically do not replace the entire field, but just keep adding to it.

When logging this data change, TntConnect simply logs the change that was made within the field, not the whole field.

Here is the Notes field for Fred Flintstone prior to the change:


And then the addition of another sentence:


The generic logged data change (indicates that it was a change to Notes):


Which you can view by hovering over the notepad:


Or by double-clicking on the row:


Again, two reminders:

  1. The content on the “Notes” tab of the history item (not to be confused with the “notes” tab in the Contacts View, he he) is grayed-out because it cannot be edited, and
  2. You can revert this change in the Notes field by right-clicking on the history entry.

Best Practices for using the Notes field/tab:

Many people have asked me for advice on the best way to use the Notes tab. Of course, the basic advice is: “Use it any way that it helps you!”. Here are some of the tips I have given users over the years:

  1. Do not use the Notes field/tab to log regular actions such as phone calls, letters, etc. Use the Log History area, since it records the type (letter/call), result, date, etc. of each item–and can be filtered on the History view.
  2. Instead, use the Notes field/tab for those things you want to remember about them–their interests, conversations you have had, etc. This can be a good field to export to an “Appointment Sheet” you review on your way to an appointment (along with their names, address, phone numbers, childrens’ names, etc.)
  3. Make sure the top 3 lines of the Notes tab displays the most important information, since those are the only three lines visible all of the time. Here are some examples of things I want to see every time I select this contact, either because they are permanently relevant or important for this season:
    1. “Husband (Fred) is not a Christian. If he answers the phone, talk about golf.”
    2. “Wife (Ethel) passed away 10/11/12.” (Because it would be REALLY insensitive to ask them how their spouse is doing… when that spouse is deceased.)
    3. “Curling for Canada in the 2018 Olympics” (because I want to see it every time before the Olympics, so I can be sure to ask about it later)
    4. “Pray for summer mission trip 2017 to Toonzania”
    5. “Daughter (Pebbles) getting married 5/15/17.”



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