Undo (Revert) or Hide Data Changes

This week I have been highlighting the many ways that TntConnect 3.2 logs data changes that you make. These are especially helpful in a multi-user (team) environment, but I think they are helpful even to individuals and couples. There are times when I have looked back and asked (like I did just this week)… “When did I change that partner’s address?” or something like that.

One of the great things about the new data change features is that you can Undo them if they were done in error. This is called “Revert“. To do this, just right click on any data change log entry and select Revert Data Changes (see picture below).

Although the data changes may be helpful to some, there may be times you do not want to see them… or maybe you never want to see them. If so, just check the Hide Change Logs box at the top.


There is one type of data change log that can grow really fast: When Group Membership Changes. In December I was working on my year-end newsletter, which I send to a particularly large group of ministry partners, families, and friends. I do this each year by combining several lists together into a one temporary Saved Group. Once the newsletter is completed, I deleted the saved groups.

The new change logs recorded each time I added or removed someone to the Newsletter group, which I had to do several times to get the list correct. Suddenly I had more than 1000 group membership changes in my history.

TntConnect 3.2 recognizes this could be overwhelming or unnecessary for most people, so it has a way to hide the group membership changes even from the “Hide Change Logs” display. (They will still be recorded, but never displayed unless you uncheck the box in Tools | Options.)


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