A Plethora of Saved Group Enhancements

TntConnect 3.2 has over two dozen new features, several of which are related to Saved Groups. There is not enough room in a blog post to focus on all of them, so I will expand on them bit-by-bit over the next few days.

But to whet your appetite, here is a quick list of the new features:

  • New “Exclusive Saved Groups” now restricts one contact to only ONE of the sub-groups.
  • Exclusive Saved Groups are an option, not a switch. You can still have sub-groups that are not exclusive.
  • Change from previously: A saved group “category” previously was only a category, but only the sub-groups could have contacts. Now the “category” is replaced with a “parent group” which can also have sub-groups.
    • And the parent group can be exclusive with the sub-groups. Or not exclusive.
  • Sub-groups can now have unlimited sub-groups as well. These are called “nested saved groups”.
  • Exclusive Saved Groups are displayed on the Groups Tab both in blue text (to indicate exclusive) and separated above and below by a line (to indicate the set of exclusivity).
  • You can now click once on a saved group name to edit it (you can still double-click to edit the name, as before).
  • You can right-click on a saved group and select duplicate. If the saved group you are duplicating has sub-groups, then all of the sub-groups will duplicate as well. (Helpful for building a new strategy off of a previous one.)
  • You can now make any saved group into a searchable/editable/exportable contact field.
  • Any time you move a contact in or out of a saved group, that is logged as a data change in their history. (Which can also be hidden from the history.) If multiple contacts are moved together, the history item is one entry for all of the contacts (that is, Group Log History).
  • The new Campaign Builder, when run, automatically creates and names exclusive saved groups for the strategy.
  • When the Campaign Builder is run, the contacts are automatically linked to the exclusive saved group.

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