New Pledge Change in History

I’ve written before that I love tracking stuff. When I first started using TntMPD back in 2002, one of the first things I said was, “Wow, I wish I had TntMPD¬†when I first started raising personal support 10 years ago!” I lamented the hundreds of lost contacts and thousands of unrecorded history items. ūüė¶

Speaking of that, I always thought it would be handy if TNT would record every time a partner changed their pledge. The only way for me to determine that was to scroll through each partner’s gift list individually and just guess the dates.

Since TNT could not do that automatically, I started using the History Log to record a “To Do” each time a partner changed their pledge. I wrote a simple little code (“PC:” for “Pledge Change”) followed by the change they made. Then I could look at a contact’s history and see all of their pledge changes from their first commitment.

Fast forward 15 years, and now that feature exists in TntConnect 3.2!

Now, when you change a pledge amount for a partner, you will see this new Data Change in the history log. There is also a coloured icon that tells you whether the pledge changed up or down:


Using the History View you can later filter these data changes, to view just the pledge changes or even view just the pledge changes for a specific contact. (But there is not room to explain that here.)

Note: Unfortunately, TNT does not have a way to build your pledge history by¬†going back and retroactively guessing the date of pledge changes from when your gifts first started in TNT, whether that was 2015 or 1990. But if you’re really motivated, you could manually enter them (wink)!


“Variant or Safe Array is Locked”

“Variant or Safe Array is Locked”

If there was ever a helpful error message, that’s it. If you use a PC, you may have seen that error this week when you¬†tried¬†to come in to TntConnect.

This is not really¬†a TntConnect error. Microsoft downloaded a new “Update” onto your computer–you know, that lovely “Update and Shut Down” and you have no idea how long that will take. Then you may not have opened TNT until later or even the next day. That security update is what prevented TntConnect from opening your database.

There’s already a fix for this, and you can install the latest release to get it.

The error only prevents your database from opening, not the software itself.

If you have TntConnect open (even with your database being open), just select Help | Check for Updates. You can then download the current release (3.2 r8 at the moment I am writing this), which overcomes this Windows obstacle.

If you do not have TntConnect open, just go also to the TntConnect web site and download the latest version from there.


Just for fun, here’s an error report I received from a user three years ago yesterday (in our ministry’s help tool for donation software):


I hope you have a blessed Easter! Remember, we’re in mission work because Christ died on the cross for our sins… and rose again. Little errors like this one today are just the little challenges we face in doing this great work.


He giveth and taketh away

One of the most well-known, and truly unique features, of TntConnect is the “universal filter”, the¬†Lookup tool that allows you to add or remove any criteria from any Lookup. Most web-based tools (like shopping sites) allow you to¬†narrow down the list, but very few allow you narrow down¬†and¬†add to, or “reverse” the lookup, or even combine disparate items.

TntConnect 3.2 adds some similar functionality to a little-known feature called Mass Change a Field.

TNT’s ability to change the value of a single field for all selected contacts has always been super-helpful to me. For example, I was adding the Church Name to about 20 contacts one time. I could do that for each contact individually… or I could make the Current Group those 20 contacts,¬†then¬†select¬†Group Actions | Mass Change a Field and do it all at once.

Group Field Change in earlier versions of TNT: Deleted the old field value and replaced it with the new value:


Now in 3.2 the options are expanded:


You can now (still) simply “replace” the old field value with the new one (that is, “Change Field”).

But you can also Add to Comma Separated List, which will take the value you have and place it after a comma in addition to any other items that are in the field. Or, Remove from Comma Separated List, which will delete the chosen value if it exists in that field.

Many people use the¬†User Fields to make TNT unique and personal. For example, if I was in athletic ministry and I renamed User 1 to be “Favourite Sports Team”. Some people may have one team: “Montreal Canadiens”. But others might have two “Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Blue Jays” or more.

The beauty of TntConnect’s amazingly powerful lookups/filters (as mentioned at the top) is that I can do Lookups¬†within¬†a field. Let’s say, for example, that I want to find all contacts for whom “Montreal” is in Favourite Sports Team (whether it is the Canadiens, the Expos, the Alouettes, etc.), I can just do a lookup for that:


To wrap up, the powerful Lookups, the versatile User Fields, and the nifty Mass Change a Field all work together to make managing a lot of information very helpful. Indeed, it is so exciting it is almost¬†like sitting in a hockey arena watching the Stanley Cup. ūüėČ