“Variant or Safe Array is Locked”

“Variant or Safe Array is Locked”

If there was ever a helpful error message, that’s it. If you use a PC, you may have seen that error this week when you tried to come in to TntConnect.

This is not really a TntConnect error. Microsoft downloaded a new “Update” onto your computer–you know, that lovely “Update and Shut Down” and you have no idea how long that will take. Then you may not have opened TNT until later or even the next day. That security update is what prevented TntConnect from opening your database.

There’s already a fix for this, and you can install the latest release to get it.

The error only prevents your database from opening, not the software itself.

If you have TntConnect open (even with your database being open), just select Help | Check for Updates. You can then download the current release (3.2 r8 at the moment I am writing this), which overcomes this Windows obstacle.

If you do not have TntConnect open, just go also to the TntConnect web site and download the latest version from there.


Just for fun, here’s an error report I received from a user three years ago yesterday (in our ministry’s help tool for donation software):


I hope you have a blessed Easter! Remember, we’re in mission work because Christ died on the cross for our sins… and rose again. Little errors like this one today are just the little challenges we face in doing this great work.


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