When Bureaucracy Is a Good Thing

“Bureauracracy” usually brings up images of multiple (and seemingly unnecessary) layers of management.

But in TntConnect, multiple layers are now a good thing.

TntConnect 3.2 now offers unlimited sub-groups in the Saved Groups.

Previously, you could only have a “Category” with Groups underneath it. You could have neither sub-groups, nor contacts within the Category itself (it was just a label, for ‘grouping groups’).

Now there are no more “Categories”, just a “Parent Group”. And like a real family, a Parent can have children, grand-children, great-grands, etc.


In this example, in previous versions of TNT, “Year-End Campaign” was just a category, but it could have no contacts in it. Now, it is a Group too, and it can have contacts.

When you look at the Groups tab (in the Contacts View), you can see how these same groups are listed. Note that “Exclusive Saved Groups” (where a contact can be in only one of the available groups) stand out with a line above and below the exclusive set.


In this example, “Year-End Campaign” is the parent group. It is not exclusive, meaning it can contain contacts that also appear in the sub-groups.

Year-End Campaign\2015 is an exclusive set of groups, so any contact can only be in (a) the parent group (“2015”) or one of the sub-groups.

Year-End Campaign\2016 is also an exclusive set of groups, but not mutually exclusive to 2015. So the same contact can be in one of the 2015 exclusive groups and the 2016 exclusive groups.

And this example is a common one in sending campaigns. With a year-end campaign, for example, it would be normal to send a letter to all partners each year. But you still want to know (later) which group they were in (e.g., made a follow-up call, decision received, etc.).

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