My Campaign for Campaigns

Probably the most significant new feature of TntConnect 3.2 is the Campaign Builder.

What was known in TNT until recently as a Special Gift Appeal, or in ministries as “Special Asks”, is now called “Campaigns” in TntConnect.

Why the change? Because an Appeal implies a one-time ask. It is also often related to a single “Support Letter” (task type). For example, many missionaries may do a special appeal for a summer mission trip, a new baby, a specific need such as a vehicle or medical expenses, or even an annual recurring appeal around year-end. Each of these appeals implies a ‘funding opportunity’ for partners.

In some cases the missionary may be seeking a specific amount (such as the amount needed for the vehicle or the travel expenses for the summer mission trip), while in others there is no exact amount specified (such as a year-end appeal which is just an ‘extra giving opportunity’).

TntConnect 3.2 takes Appeal Tracking to an all-new level, and this is reflected in the new name of “Campaigns”. While the focus of the new Campaign features is primarily local teams or small ministries, individual TntConnect users may find these new features to be very helpful.

There is a lot to unpack with all of the new Campaign features, so let me list some and then give a screen shot of the most impressive new feature. Don’t worry if some these don’t make any sense… features this powerful will take time to learn and benefit from!

Here are some bullet points related to the new features:

  • Campaigns are the NEW name for what was formerly “Special Gift Appeals”
  • “Campaign Tracking” is the new name for “Special Gift Appeal Tracking”
  • Campaigns can now have a goal amount
  • Campaigns can have a start and end date
  • Campaigns can be linked to both one-time gifts and monthly increases (such as an “Increase Campaign”)
  • Completed campaigns can now be inactivated (they will not appear in the drop-down list in Add Gifts, for example… but they can still be used easily if needed)
  • Partners can make a promise in advance of fulfilling the gift
  • Partners can make promises to multiple campaigns
  • Partners can fulfill a portion of one or more promise(s) with a single gift
  • A Campaign Builder (shown below) helps you categorize your potential partners using the new “Partner Pyramid”
  • The Campaign Builder, when run, will automatically create Saved Groups for each level of the Campaign, and automatically assign contacts exclusively to each level
  • The Data Change Log will log when you move a partner from one campaign group to another

To whet your appetite, here is a screen shot of the new Campaign Builder which divides a list of contacts into three levels based on their giving record:


The Campaign Builder has a lot of stuff behind it that I cannot even scratch the surface of here! I could write blog posts for months just to unpack all of the new features related to Campaigns!


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