Correspondence Log & Contractors

  • Is your [non-donor] plumber or attorney in TntConnect?
  • Did you log your last phone call with your cell phone provider or your last appliance repair in TntConnect?
  • Did it ever occur to you to even do that?

Here’s an entry I pulled from 2007 in my TNT, when I wrote a sympathy card to someone in my church. Here’s the note I logged in my history:

Recently, Chris’s company was bought out; the new company fired the entire leadership team, including Chris. While reeling from this, his father died. While he was at the funeral, lightning struck the exhaust fan in his bathroom, catching it on fire, which fell in the garbage can, starting it on fire, which burned through the toilet supply hose, which flooded the house, causing $35k in damages.

Chris is not a donor or even a prospect to my personal ministry, but I wrote him a card. And I logged it in TNT. Recently I have been trying to write more personal thank yous (on real paper) to non-donors—a vendor I met with recently, a co-worker who went the extra mile for me, a leader in my Scout troop who just turned 50.

I have a contact in TNT simply named, “Correspondence Log“, and in that contact’s history I log a wide variety of things:

  • Letters, thank yous, and notes to non-partners
  • Canceling subscriptions or other annoying solicitations
  • Any interaction with a vendor that I might want to recall later (often these start out with a single call, but then if not resolved take multiple calls, remembering who I talked to, what their commitment/next action was, etc.)

I have a second contact in TNT named, “Contractors”. In the Notes tab I have a list of contractors I have worked with, and then in the History I log any kind of service call, appliance repair, etc.

Finally, for those individuals or professionals I visit on a regular basis, I have added them as new contacts with the TNT Phase of “Never Ask”:

  • Doctor
  • Dentists
  • Attorney

These contacts are individually added to my database because I want their full name, address, and phone numbers, just like I do with my other contacts.

These special contacts (“Correspondence Log” and “Contractors”) are setup as organizations:


And I log relevant conversations:



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