A Milestone: 100 Blog Posts


I’ve heard that most bloggers give up after a few months, and many trickle off into one blog post every month or two… which is effectively giving up.

With that knowledge, I’m pleased to present my 100th blog post. I feel like I have just scratched the surface of what TntConnect can do to help you thrive in your support raising efforts!

(In other words, there are hundreds more coming…)

With that in mind, what profound thing could I write about that would truly commemorate 100 blog posts?

Let me try this:

Trial and error is the best way to learn to use TntConnect.

That’s how I learned it. I wrote my first book on TNT way back in late 2002.

Why? Because *I* wanted to know TNT better. I remember chatting with a friend who had TNT open at the time, and he did something that surprised me (sadly, I do not remember what it was). I asked, “How did you do that???!!!!”

It was at that point I decided I was going to press every button and explore every menu item. And I decided to compile everything I found into a little book to help others learn about it too… without having to click every button like I did.

TntConnect is not much different from any other really powerful software in that way. Some people think I am an expert in Excel. I say, “Yes, I guess I am. That means I know 2% of it compared to your 1%!”

Almost everyone who uses a computer uses Excel, even if it is only to make grocery lists or calculate a little budget. But while most people do not feel guilty for not using Excel more, I often hear people sigh when they say wistfully, “I know I should use TNT more…”

I say: “Phooey.” I think everyone should use TNT as much or as little as it helps them.

I believe any guilt feelings associated with using/not using TNT are actually feelings associated with raising support itself. We feel like we should be doing more (more phone calls, more appointments, more asks, more anything). And we think (erroneously) that if we used TNT more, then we would do more of those things, and, ergo, raise more support.

I say: “Phooey.”

So go ahead—Kick the tires! Explore! If you ever say, “I wish TNT could do [this]…”, say to yourself instead, “I’m sure TNT can do [this]… I just need to figure out how!”

And if you have a question you want me to address in this blog, please email me at http://www.tnt.tips@gmail.com.



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