Right-click to change Gift Input

Here’s a tip you will probably only use once, if ever. But if you need it, you’ll be glad you knew about it.

You can change the behaviour of the Gift Input button by right-clicking on it.


The Gift Input button is actually just a shortcut. The default shortcut goes to “Tools | Update Gift Info” for the web-input screen. But about 40% of TNT users cannot download gifts, and many of these use the Manual Gift Entry Form to get their gifts in quickly.


So, by right-clicking you can change the button to go to Tools | Manual Gift Entry Form instead.

When you use the Manual Gift Entry Form (or manually enter gifts one-at-a-time on the TNT Tab), TntConnect still performs the same Automatic Actions for New Gifts that it does for downloaded gifts.

There are some organizations that have made a technology change and they no longer support gift download. If your organization has changed your ability to download gifts, and you now have to enter gifts manually, you can do this in just a few minutes each month and still get all the power of TNT at your fingertips.


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