Launching into 2018

Greetings and welcome to 2018! I just returned from a fund development conference in Switzerland where I was working with local teams in using TntConnect to raise funds for local ministry projects. Over the past year I have only scratched the surface of Local Team tools within TNT (such as the Campaign Builder and the Promise Tracker). When I talk about those things, it is my goal to help people figure out how to use those features for their own personal support (because the features are great even for individual users).

For, I’m looking forward a great 2018. The feedback from my survey last month has been very helpful, and here are the summary results:

  • Future: 100% of respondents said “Please continue”. Of course this is encouraging, but since a blog subscriber is already on board, that makes sense. 🙂
  • Blog posts: The affirmation that the blog posts I have been choosing are helpful and meaningful. When I asked which posts were most helpful, every person gave a different answer.
  • Desired frequency: Once per week (by far the most popular choice).

Tell us more about… (What posts would you like in the future?) This is a summary of the comments:

  • Best practices for managing two data bases
  • Best way to sync your db to phone (Android) & how to sync only a select group.
  • Tips on managing Saved Groups
  • Managing work flow in TNT… lifting contacts to a higher level of commitment, running a campaign (not just financially but the steps involved).
  • Tips on searching (email addresses, other lookups)
  • Understanding differences between Campaigns (new) and Appeals (previously)
  • How to manage data in fields… using Notes field vs. other fields, etc.
  • More on maps
  • Occasional Mac specific that are unique to Mac.
  • MPDX [assorted]

I appreciate the input and will be addressing all of these in upcoming weeks. Except, well, there are some I cannot answer, so if it’s your question…

Mac-specific questions: I’m afraid I do not use a Mac so my experience with TNT on a Mac is extremely limited to the little I have helped people around me doing it. 😦

MPDX: MPDX is a different support-raising software than TNT, built by Cru. Both are free, and they approach support raising management in very different ways. The goal of a support raising software is to help missionaries build powerful ministry partner teams, and my opinion is that missionaries should use the best tool for their needs. Having said that, this blog is focused exclusively on TNT because MPDX has its own team of support professionals. If you have questions about MPDX, you can email me directly at or contact

Synchronizing with Android: TNT has a link to Outlook, but it is a bit technical and only a small percentage of TNT users use it. It is not a seamless Google integration (no support raising software that I am aware of has a seamless Google link). I generally do not discuss synchronizing with Outlook/Google because it is so technical that most users don’t want to jump through the hoops.

Thanks for the helpful input, and I hope this blog continues to help you build better relationships with your ministry partners.



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