Two (or four!) is better than One?

“Hi. My name is Bob. I’m a TntConnect junkie. It started out simple, just one database. It really helped me with my personal support and I was happy. Then I created another database to manage my “personal ministry” (separate from my support raising). Then I created a sample one to teach from. Then I helped someone with their database. Pretty soon I was going crazy… at this moment I have 212 TntConnect databases on my computer. I can quit anytime. Really.”

Seriously, I do have four TNT databases that I use all the time (e.g., daily, or multiple times per week).

Why would I want to have multiple databases?

The most common reason for multiple databases is for anyone who manages both personal support and a local “team” or what I call a “corporate” database. [In this context I use the word “corporate” to differentiate from a “personal” database, not to imply a database for the whole corporation.]

There are hundreds of TNT users who are raising funds for a local team, and sometimes sharing that team database with others (but not sharing their own personal database). And some of them may have more than one local team database. For example, I know a fund developer who had one corporate database for his local team and a separate corporate database for the national fund development department.

Here are the four TNT databases I use multiple times per week:

  1. My first, oldest, database that made me fall in love with TNT in the first place: My personal support database.
  2. A personal ministry database that I have used for 14 years to manage my personal discipleship and teaching ministry. I take advantage of the task/history features, but do not track any donations in this database.
  3. A corporate database that my team uses in our fund development efforts. I manage more than 100 separate giving designations in this one database.
  4. The sample ToonTown training database that I use for creating documentation, writing this blog, and testing new features in TNT and other support raising software tools.

I have frequently created temporary databases to test new other new features, try importing tests, etc. And finally, I have helped people setup new databases from their old Excel files, etc. I don’t really do that anymore, but I used to do that a lot more 10 years ago.

I can move between my TntConnect databases using the File | Open Recent list (similar to the Recent Files list in Excel or Word):


As a reminder, I use my personal support database for more than just my ministry partners, which you can read about here:

TntConnect: Not just for support raising


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