How to be Strategic, part 2

Yesterday I shared an idea of How to run an Increase Strategy using Exclusive Shared Groups.

I had one other thing I wanted to share, but did not want to muddy the waters. This post is about something I do in Excel related to my Increase Strategies.

True confessions, and don’t tell anyone, but in addition to using TntConnect heavily,¬†I also track increase strategies in my Excel “PD Annual Planning Workbook” that I have used since 2006. Every strategy I have done is a little different, so the results are managed and tracked differently. But big picture, I want to be able to look back and see the statistics instantly:

  • # of contacts I challenged
  • # of responses (yes / no)
  • Amount of new support and/or increases from each type of challenge
  • Special gifts given in addition to new regular support

Below is an example of my 2006 strategy with key data changed.


I actually track the increases and new support in seven different ways; this helps me be a better planner long-term (these are the columns in the above worksheet):

  1. Increases from face-to-face visits (by far the most successful)
  2. Increases from handwritten letter + phone call
  3. Spontaneous increases from people I did not even contact in this strategy
  4. New from P:P (“Prayer Partner”)… a partner who was not a financial partner before but decided to make a financial commitment
  5. “New from New”: New support from a new contact (e.g., a referral I received during the strategy)
  6. “New from Lapsed”: Support from a former financial partner who resumed giving
  7. “New from Church”: In this particular strategy I was seeking new support from a couple of churches

Every time I do a strategy (four since 2006), I find that God provides new support in most or all of those seven ways. I don’t expect any one to be the total source of funds. I bust my tail to work hard, and wait in expectancy as God opens doors. And I often find He opens doors I wasn’t expecting, and that is reflected in some of the results columns.


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