Two for one post on Saved Groups!

This blog post is a Bonus post because I am hoping to provide two benefits from one blog post:

  1. Teach you about a really helpful but somewhat obscure TNT feature
  2. Show you how to do a commonly-asked question

First, the question (from my reader survey in December): How do I compare the membership in two Saved Groups?

This question has two answers; I’ll share the simple answer first. The complex answer further down introduces what may be a new feature for you.

For the purpose of this post, I am using an example from a major fundraising event our ToonTown Ministry holds each year. Every spring we host an annual donut baking gala event with some of the country’s best donut bakery chefs; our current and potential donors love to toss the flour around with these well-known celebrities. It’s a huge hit, trust me. While we log each partner’s attendance in the history, for my own sake as an operations person I also keep everyone in a Saved Group for each year we’ve held the event:


Compare using the Groups View itself (simple)

  1. Select a group (such as 2018)
  2. Compare To a Saved Group. Note: “Compare to” is the centre column even though it is not labeled as such. 

The members of that group appear on the right. Gray italic means the contact is in both groups. So there are four partners who attended last year but are not coming this year:


Now the more powerful and more complex way (new feature alert!):

Export Group Membership as a Contact Field

TntConnect 3.2 introduced the wonderful ability to make any Saved Group also be an exportable contact field in the Group Actions | Export Current Group list.

Note: Making a group into an exportable contact field can only be done when the new group is created. An existing saved group cannot be made into a contact field.

Here is adding a New Group:


TNT alerts me that a saved group is a Contact Field by highlighting the saved group in the list.

Now I can go to my Contacts View and export whatever I want, but for the sake of ease I’ll just export Everyone:


Then in Excel I can see all of the exported contacts AND whether they attended the 2017 and 2018 donut gala event:


As you can see, among others, Dopey Dwarf attended 2017 but not 2018, while the Lions were the reverse. And some contacts attended neither.

This is super helpful for so many ways. For example, I can easily use Excel’s Count feature to get numbers that attended each year. Or I can use Mail Merge to export names or attendance.

Now, lest you think this is just some hypothetical example, I assure you it’s not. Although the question came from a reader response to my survey, this is actually something I do myself regularly.

My team does in fact host a major donor fundraising event every year, and I am frequently asked about how many people attend, how many have attended more than one, etc. Every year for the past five years I have logged in TntConnect who has attended, either as a Guest (Partner or Potential Partner), a Speaker, or a Staff Member (working the event).

The groups are exclusive within each year—a speaker cannot also be a registered guest (although speakers and staff members are often donors at the event as well, they are not the target audience).

In the screenshot below you can see all of my saved groups for the past six years. Only the Guest groups are exportable contact fields


Finally, again let me reiterate that every person attending the event also has their attendance logged in the history. That history entry is an important part of their individual relationship to our fund development team. The saved groups are for my management of the lists.

Blog post 1152, originally posted 2018-08-06.

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