The handy “Click to Call” feature

Recently I was on a focused support trip and I was so glad for a clever feature in TNT that I find really helpful during times like this: When I click a phone number in TNT, this happens:

  • A “Log History” box opens up
  • The Task Type is automatically set to “Call”
  • The phone number I clicked is pasted into the Notes field.


This feature works whether I click the phone number in the Name & Address Bar (as shown above) or any number in the Phone box on the Address tab.

Why do I find this helpful? Many of our partners have many numbers—and a lot of them are no longer valid (mostly previous home or mobile phones). This little feature helps me know which numbers I have tried, in case I want to try a different one on my next attempt.

Here’s another tip: When I do have an unsuccessful attempt, I preface the description with Why the call was unsuccessful, with prefixes like the list below; I then follow it by any other important information (such as, if I left a message, I briefly write the message I left and/or next action).

  • (Wrong #) 220-632-1699
  • (Busy)
  • (No Answer)
  • (Left Msg)
  • (Left Msg with daughter/babysitter/parent, etc.)

Because I always use these same codes, it is easy for me to see in my history how I am handling these situations.

NOTE: The click-to-call feature is an option in Tools | Options | Phone. The unchecked (default) option is to launch Windows Auto-Dialer when a phone number is clicked… but I do not know anyone who uses that Windows tool.