It is sad to say Goodbye From Here to There and Back Again
Happy Birthday! Go Back in Time Increased Pledge = First Gift
Hi, Clark, meet Clark “His” and “Her” Partners Right-click to change Gift Input
Saved Descriptions: Easy & Consistent TnTConnect: Not just for support raising Oooops… wrong place!
Promises, Promises… A Milestone: 100 Blog Posts Summer Time is Support Time
When Bureaucracy Is a Good Thing My Campaign for Campaigns Correspondence Log & Contractors
He giveth and taketh away “Variant or Safe Array is Locked” New Pledge Change in History
Drumroll please: EXCLUSIVE Saved Groups Major Changes to Saved Groups / Sub-groups (Almost) As sweet as Chocolate
Undo (Revert) or Hide Data Changes Edit Group Name in One Click A Plethora of Saved Group Enhancements
New Data Change Log Make Note of this For that oddly frequent partner
New Fields in TNT 3.2 New Pledge Change Log When did YOU get here?
Getting to Know You That *IS* helpful (To an accountant…) Je me souviens … “I remember”
Export Giving Details A little splash of colour Don’t send it twice!
Reverse or “Negative” Lookups (a.k.a Filters) Entering Gifts Manually: It’s easy! Lookup By Giving to find a specific gift
 New Year’s Resolutions, Part I New Year’s Resolutions, Part II The Worst-Case Scenario
Search for specific text in one contact’s history Click to Call (or…) Speed dialing Rename User Fields
Who are my top donors? Steady Plodding Brings Success Solving Story Problems with TnTConnect
Filter all history by Text If only my water softener “filtered” like this! Special Gift Appeal “ask amounts” based on average giving
Squirrels … and data-nuts A GREAT database management system How can TNT help me on a support blitz?
MPD Connections: “Turning Back” A deceased advertising exec helps me with support raising Add Referrals from the Selected Contact
Organization Contact Person field Lookup a Specific Newsletter Type MPD Connections: Perseverance
Add Pictures View History for Selected Contacts only The handy “Click to Call” feature
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It is sad to say “Goodbye” Welcome to www.TNT.tips! Organization Gift Details
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Hi, Clark, Meet Clark “His” and “Her” Partners Right-Click to change Gift Input
Saved Descriptions: Easy and Consistent TnTConnect: Not just for support raising Ooops… wrong place!
 I was a reluctant TNT user Lookup Donors by Time Frame TnTConnect 3.1 Now Available!