Lookup By Giving to find a specific gift

This morning I was looking for a specific gift; I knew when it had come in (June), but I did not know who the donor was.

I used TntConnect’s flexible “Lookup By Giving” to narrow down the contacts to only those who have given since June 1 (see red arrow below). By leaving the end date (“To”) unchecked, it means, “Any gift from June 1 onwards.”


Returns 16 contacts in my database:


The Lookup By Giving box offers a number of helpful options:

  • I can pick a date range: start date (or not) and an end date (or not)
  • Amount of gift: (minimum and/or maximum). Leaving blank returns all gifts.
  • Currency: (if I am managing gifts in more than one currency, it can be helpful to lookup gifts only for the specific currency)
  • For users managing multiple designations (TntConnect Pro), this Lookup By Giving box will also show both a Designation and a Motivation Code.

The Lookup By Giving scans the Gift table, meaning it is looking at all of the gifts in the database. When it finds a gift that matches what I’m looking for, it returns the contact for the lookup.

In the next blog post, I will share how I can filter contacts by giving summaries, such as lifetime total, lifetime number of gifts, largest gift, first gift, etc. TntConnect stores several [exportable] giving totals for each partner, and updates those numbers each time the partner gives a gift–that is powerful analytics!

Note: If your ministry does not link directly to TntConnect, you can quickly and easily enter gifts every week or month. Learn more here.



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