(Almost) As sweet as Chocolate

I am writing from Switzerland, and that is apropos because I love chocolate. One of my favourite books is The Emperors of Chocolate, the definitive (and only) history of both the Hershey Company and Mars Chocolates.

In November I was in Brussels—the chocolate capital of the world—walking around the city square literally giddy with excitement at the sheer volume of chocolate stores (as well as the free samples, he he).

I came on this current trip with the wrapper of a chocolate I bought in Brussels, hoping against hope I might find it here in Switzerland.

My kids’ stuffed animals travel with me–and were thrilled to meet the Milka Cow in the airport in Amsterdam.

What does chocolate have to do with Saved Groups / User Fields? Well—give me a minute, okay, sure, it’s stretch—I love them both. And there are subtle qualities that just raise them to the level of excellence. And the more you know about them, the more you appreciate them.

Do you like milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Many people have pretty strong feelings about them, typically preferring one over the other. I like them both… the right chocolate for the right time.

Well, Saved Groups and User Fields are like that. Both chocolate, and yet subtly different. And both magical.

Let’s say you are passionate about chocolate like I am. So much so that you always ask your partners what their favourite chocolates are. Then you have to record this information in TntConnect, and you can use either a User Field or a Saved Group. Both will accomplish the goal—but have different virtues.

Favourite Chocolate as a User Field: (This appears as a drop-down, with the list growing automatically as I add new chocolates.)


Favourite Chocolate as a Saved Group:


Favourite Chocolate as a Saved Group, using the new ‘nested’ groups.


One blog post cannot even begin to scratch the surface of the virtues of Saved Groups and User Fields—for they are many. Over this week I will be exploring some of these features, as they are related to TntConnect 3.2.

In the meantime, I need to go take a walk and find some chocolate.


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