Major Changes to Saved Groups / Sub-groups

TntConnect 3.2 introduces two major changes to the way the Saved Groups handles sub-groups.

1. The “Category” has been replaced by a “Parent Group”

In TNT 3.1 and earlier, you could see a Category of Saved Group, with sub-groups below it:


In the above example, the Category is “Other Newsletters“, but that is just a label for the sub-groups to be hung under.

In TntConnect 3.2, that Category is gone, replaced by a “Parent Group”. Now, “Other Newsletters” is also a Saved Group–and Contacts can be added to it. Then, sub-groups can be added to it.

2. New, “unlimited nested sub-groups” allows you to make additional sub-groups under any sub-group. There are no limits to how many layers you can make (you may not want 10 layers, but you could make them!)

Example. Goal: Create a sub-group for my Christmas letter, which is already a sub-group of my “Other Newsletters” parent group above:



On the Groups Tab, these groups will appear like this. Notice that the “Handwritten Note” sub-group is a three-group string separated by slashes:


Notice in this image that “Other Newsletters” is now its own Saved Group which this contact can also be added to. This set of sub-groups is NOT exclusive, which you can tell because it is not blue. That means that one contact can be in any or all of the nested sub-groups.

I will not go into detail here about why a “Parent Group” is better than a Category, other than to say this: Having a parent group is super-helpful when building a strategy that you want to move a lot of contacts through (such as an Increase Strategy). I will explain this more in a future blog post.


2 thoughts on “Major Changes to Saved Groups / Sub-groups

    1. No, can’t do that. BUT… you can use a workaround I have used for years:

      When you do the import, use a blank field that you don’t use for anything else (for example, User 8, or “employer” or something obscure. Put something–anything–in that field, such as “Yes” or “1”.

      Then after the import, do a lookup on that field, which should return only those contacts. Add THEM to the group, then use Group Actions | Mass Change a Field to return that field to its blank state (effectively deleting the imported value).

      *Bob Mac Leod* Director of Operations Global Advancement Campus Crusade for Christ / Cru


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