Lookup a Specific Newsletter Type

“We’re currently going through our list of partners to make a Christmas card list, and we wanted to search for people who receive paper newsletters and who have given within the last year. However, when I search for newsletter recipient types, I get anyone who gets paper, including “paper and email”. Can I see the paper only?”

Answer: Yes! And it is easy! The exact instructions are further below, but let me start with an explanation of how TntConnect does newsletter preferences.

TNT actually has 10 different combinations of newsletter recipients, “Paper Only” and “Email Only” being the most obvious, with 5 more that reflect problems with your choices.


Paper and Email” is commonly used (I have some partners where one spouse wants paper and the other wants email).

In addition, TntConnect offers two “fail-safe” newsletter options to help ensure that your partners stay connected: “Paper w/email backup” and “Email w/paper backup”. These two options have a preferred choice, but if that preference is marked not valid for some reason (by you, or by MailChimp sync for example), then the other option will automatically become preferred. Very clever!

Here is an example of a Paper newsletter recipient, and an Email w/paper backup [whose Email address is also not valid].


To view the 10 possible combinations–and maybe learn more about how TntConnect handles newsletters than you ever wanted to know–read the “Everything About Newsletters” help topic in the TntConnect online help.


So to answer the original question: How would you lookup only Paper recipients?

This is a three-lookup process. The first two lookups return ALL contacts in the database (whether they get your newsletter or not); the third lookup then filters the paper-only contact to those who have Send Newsletter checked.

Using a Lookup | By Field, select:

  1. Replace the Current Group: Newsletter Media Preference / is / Paper Only, then
  2. Add to the Current Group: Newsletter Media Preference / is / Paper w/email backup. This will exclude any email recipients (email only and/or paper and email) and only return those contacts whose primary communication preference is Paper.
  3. Within the Current Group: Send Newsletter / is / True



For more information about newsletters, read the All About Newsletters help topic.


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