Add Referrals from the Selected Contact


There are two ways to add referrals from a contact already in your database. The first is before you enter the new contact’s name, while the second is to link the referrer to an existing contact.

Quick notes about the “Referred by” box on the TNT Tab:

  • A contact can have multiple referrers. This is the “Referred by List”.
  • When there is more than one referrer, the Referred by words are bold
  • Referred by is a hyperlink that brings up the referral list. You then click on the one you want to be primary, which will show all of the time.
  • The referral does not need to be a contact in your database, or even a person at all. You could write “2010 Church Missions Conference”, for example.

How to add referrals

  • Add Referrals quick entry screen.
    • First select the contact who is giving you names.
    • Then select Contact | Add Referrals from the menu.
    • Using the quick entry screen you can enter just the new contact’s names, addresses, email and phone numbers… the basic information.
    • The phone number automatically lands in the Home Phone box; if it’s a mobile phone, you’ll need to move it later. (In the phone number list, you can right-click on the phone number and just move it.)
    • You can add a new contact from a referrer even if the “new” contact is already in your database.
    • If TntConnect recognizes the contact as already being in your list, it will simply ask you if you want to add the current referrer to this list of referrers; neat feature!
    • By default, TntConnect enters the referrer as First and Spouse Lastname (e.g., Mickey and Minnie Mouse), not by File As (Mouse, Mickey and Minnie), which makes sorting the list more challenging it if you export it.
    • TIP: Because TNT doesn’t always write the referrer name the way I might, when I use a lookup, I always use “contains” instead of “Begins with”:


  • If you already have a contact in your database for whom you want to add a referrer, you can do that directly from the TNT tab.
    • If you erase a referrer and add a new one, TntConnect actually does not erase the old one.
    • It simply adds a new one to the contact’s list of referrers, and makes the newest one the primary (displayed) referrer.



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